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Book Club

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A community for review and discussion about books. Like a book club, only easier.

Yes, there are rules and you should read them. (This post also has a basic guide for a book review if you need it. Please read the parts about spam, cross posting and other things that may be annoying.)

Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Feel free send me a message via LJ (And ONLY through LJ. Commenting in my personal journal will get you banned. I may even hunt you down and poke you with a flaming stick for a while, damn it).

If you can't be bothered to read the rules before you join/post and then you break one of those very SIMPLE rules you were too lazy to read, you're entry will be deleted and then you will probably be banned. (This depends on my mood.) Life is too short to spend so much time dealing with lazy droolers who don't even take the half of a brain cell to consider there might be some rules here. All unauthorized (see the rules) community promotion = SPAM. Spam is an instant ban. That is the final warning. I'm not doing it again. I mean it. Damn it.

The community whatwasthatbook is highly recommended if you are searching for an elusive title to a vague plot line in a book you might remember reading a long time ago. ;)

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